House Tour: Photograper, James Merrell’s, stunning houseboat

We stepped aboard the houseboat of photographer James Merrell and his partner Margot to explore their tongue and groove interiors. Together they reveal how they transformed their floating home on the Basingstoke Canal with Farrow & Ball.

“We used Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone for most of the boat, I loved the slight warmth the colour gave the space whilst still being a relatively neutral tone.”

Both Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone in Estate Eggshell

“Next, we decided our bedroom needed a little drama, so we went for Railings. Even though it’s a very small space, and the obvious thing to do is use a light colour, we opted for a statement and love it.”

Farrow & Ball Railings and Purbeck Stone in Estate Eggshell

“Mouse’s Back grounded the floor beautifully. Being a boat, our ceiling height is a slightly limited, so having a colour that was not too dark but complemented the Purbeck Stone was essential.”

Walls: Purbeck Stone in Estate Eggshell, Floor: Mouse’s Back in Modern Eggshell

“After living in the boat for a while we decided to paint one of the walls in the main living space in the slightly darker tone Worsted, to become a feature if you like.”

Walls: Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone in Estate Eggshell, Feature wall: Worsted in Estate Eggshell

“One of the advantages of a houseboat is the walls aren’t very large so it’s fairly easy to paint out colours that don’t suit. Thankfully we loved Worsted, but I can imagine us experimenting again in the future.”

Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone in Estate Eggshell 

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Joanna Spindler


After studying classics and archaeology at the University of Exeter, Joanna quickly fell for the interiors world and has been writing about homes ever since. She recently swapped her London flat for a little cottage in the Dorset countryside. At the weekend, you’ll find Joanna eating her way around the local foodie spots or trying not to fall over during yoga.

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