Ideas for cosying up your home this autumn

It’s the time of year when candles are lit, stews are left to simmer and tables are set for friends and family to gather around. To help you transform your home into a welcoming hideaway this autumn, we’ve gathered our top tips on creating a cosy scheme.

Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone Estate Eggshell and Worsted Estate Eggshell

 1. Create a warm welcome

Turn your front door into an irresistibly inviting entrance by painting on a rich colour and piling a generous stack of logs by the door (whether you have a fire or not!). Switch in a reassuringly chunky doormat too or hang a simple wreath for you and your guests to enjoy.

Image: Pinterest, Farrow & Ball Down Pipe Exterior Eggshell

2. Add a little greenery

Shades of green and off-white can be partnered in the kitchen to create a wonderful feeling of growth and rejuvenation, be it understated Cooking Apple Green or deeply comforting Studio Green. Serve seasonal suppers on your favourite ceramics mid week too – even if you’re not hosting.

Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green Estate Emulsion

3. Transform your guest bedroom into a cosy retreat

Once the plates have been cleared, draw the bedroom curtains tight and tuck a hot water bottle under the sheets in both the guestroom and your own. Soft colours like Pale Powder are a wonderful way to transform each room into a relaxed and almost hushed retreat. Gather a stack of Penguin Classics at the bedside for guests to dip into and fold a thickly knitted throw at the end of the bed.

Image: Loaf

4. Drench bathrooms in deep colour

Bathrooms are often a little smaller and darker than the rest of the home, so try embracing this with invitingly dark hues such as Hague Blue or Brinjal. Sweep these rich shades up the walls and over the ceiling to envelop the room in deep colour. It’s always worth investing in soft and oversized towels which can be warmed on a heated rail before bedtime too.


Farrow & Ball Brinjal Modern Emulsion

We hope we’ve helped inspire you to create an irresistibly welcoming hideaway for both you and your guests this autumn. One that invites all to step in from the cold to a richly painted home, with roaring fires and bowls of hearty food piled high.


Joanna Spindler


After studying classics and archaeology at the University of Exeter, Joanna quickly fell for the interiors world and has been writing about homes ever since. She recently swapped her London flat for a little cottage in the Dorset countryside. At the weekend, you’ll find Joanna eating her way around the local foodie spots or trying not to fall over during yoga.

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