Inner Sanctuary: Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often rooms that tend to be forgotten about or at least pushed to the bottom of the decorating pile. While it’s true that we don’t spend as much time in them as we would our bedrooms and living rooms, there’s no reason why you can’t transform your chilly bathroom into a warming inner sanctuary.

Relaxing & Refined Reds

Red…the warmest colour you can get, but not often a colour you associate with a bathroom. Instead of choosing a bright pillar box or fiery cherry red which may seem overpowering, select a muted red with a black undertone as this will create a warm relaxing glow like the soft dying embers of a fire.

Farrow & Ball colours – 64: Red Earth, 42: Picture Gallery Red and 43:Eating Room Red. (Image Farrow & Ball, featuring Elephant’s Breath and Eating Room Red.)

Comfortably Cosy

A deep yellow with a warming mustard undertone tone creates a soothing bathroom atmosphere. By painting the walls or wood panelling along with the underside of the bath in the same yellow, you’ll instantly connect the two spaces together and make the room feel complete. It’s the perfect place to retreat and rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

Farrow & Ball colours – 51: Sudbury Yellow, 66: India Yellow and 218: Yellow Ground. (Image Farrow & Ball, featuring India Yellow)

Contemporary Blue

Some people can be put off using blues in bathrooms as they think it will create a cold and clinical space. While this may be true of some blue hues, it certainly doesn’t have to be. By using a strong blue with warm indigo tones, you can create a true sense of warmth that’s both vibrant and welcoming in nature.


Farrow & Ball colours – 289: Inchyra Blue, 288: Vardo and 86: Stone Blue. (Image Farrow & Ball, featuring Stone Blue)

Sophisticated Spaces

Strong colours work particularly well in small bathrooms. Warming, jewel-like purples and crimsons create a dramatic space while adding a lot of personality to an otherwise bland space. Accessorise with luxurious picture frames, gilded mirrors and classy taps to really bring the space to life.


Farrow & Ball colours – 248: Incarnadine, 222: Brinjal and 271: Brassica. (Image Farrow & Ball, featuring Brinjal)

Sumptuous Bathing

If you’d rather stick to a neutral scheme for your walls and floors, try painting the underside of your bath in a striking tone instead. Warm purples, deep blues and emerald greens will transform the bath into a focal feature of the the room.


Farrow & Ball colours – 34: Calke Green, 30: Hague Blue and 254: Pelt. (Image Farrow & Ball, featuring Pelt)

Cool & Calm

Soft greys with underlying blue tones work wonderfully in bathrooms as they’re neither too cool nor too warm. By painting wooden panelling and leaving the floorboards bare, you instantly create warmth and contrast. A complementary mix of matching grey tiles, fluffy towles and wooden bathroom furniture and accessories will finish the look off perfectly.


Farrow & Ball colours – 266: Mizzle, 25: Pigeon and 91: Blue Gray. (Image Farrow & Ball, featuring Pointing and Blue Gray)

Header image: Bathroom in Brinjal by Farrow & Ball

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