Interview: Meet Print Club London Artist Lucille Clerc

To celebrate the holiday season, Farrow & Ball have collaborated with Print Club London to produce three limited edition silk screen prints that will be displayed in each of their showrooms.
Today we will catch up with Print Club London Artist Lucille Clerc to learn a little bit more about her, and her inspiration for this seasonal print.

Name: Lucille Clerc
Job: Illustrator / Printmaker
Age: 30
Key influences for your work: Nabis, Art Nouveau, technical drawings from the 20’s (architecture,, botanical)
Favourite colour to display artwork on: Breakfast Room Green/ Arsenic / Drawing Room Blue / Studio Green


When did you become interested in screen printing?
When I started studying graphic design and technically when I was looking for way to produce my work myself.


Tell us about some of your recent/favourite projects?
This particular project was a real treat, the colours are so nice. I wanted to use F&B paint in various ways in the same image to show how versatile it can be, so over 9 layers, I’ve tested dots, fine lines, big surfaces of colours, gradients, overlapping colours, it was technically very interesting. Most recently, I’ve created an illustration for Eurostar magazine “Metropolitan” to celebrate Eurostar 20th anniversary. It now exists as a limited edition print using 4 colours including F&B studio green as a last layer.


What inspired the design of your final piece for the Farrow & Ball project?
The idea is to show London in winter using reflections in puddles to show Westminster. But it is also a dreamy moment with surreal elements appearing as if you’d let your mind travel a bit, and imagine you were somewhere completely different.


What inspired the colour palette you used for the Farrow & Ball project?
The colours evoke the change of seasons, fallen leaves and snow, and the faded light of winter in London.


What do you do when you’re not printing?
I draw 🙂


Who is/are your favourite artists?
I admire Kitaj a lot.


How do you use artwork when decorating?
I couldn’t work in a room with naked walls, and I tend to collect a lot of prints and objects that inspire me. They are my home and I carry them from one house/country to the next. So my walls are a bit like big collages that I change regularly following what I’m working on.


Lucille Clerc's final print.

Lucille Clerc’s final print.

Thank you for taking time to answer our questions Lucille!

To see and potentially win one of the limited edition collaborative silk screen prints in the flesh pop along to a Farrow & Ball showroom.

If you are interested in buying an original screen print or would like to try it out for yourself visit

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