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Ask The Designer: Nicole Gibbons of NYC’s So Haute…

Nicole Gibbons is the owner of Nicole Gibbons Studio LLC and the much read decorating and lifestyle blog, So Haute. Originally from Michigan, Nicole now splits her time between New York and LA and recently created a City Palette inspired by the sights and colours of New York. The Chromologist caught up with Nicole to find out more about her influences, interests and how she got in to the world of interior design!
Nicole Gibbons So Haute

Nicole Gibbons So Haute

Ask The Designer: Nicole Gibbons

Where would your dream home be?

Well, at the moment I’m planning towards a permanent move to Los Angeles so the realistic dream home is there. I love the Hancock Park/Larchmont area. In a fantasy world, I’d also have a dream beach house on a stunning island that’s sparsely populated!

What was your first home like?

I was raised in suburban Michigan and the house I lived in growing up was impeccably decorated! There were Chinoiserie elements and we had grasscloths and other amazing wallcoverings all throughout the house. Our family room even had walls upholstered in a gray wool flannel. It was pretty fabulous!

How / where / who did you learn about interior design

I grew up with a decorator mom so it’s in the blood!

Favourite NYC restaurant?

Maison Harlem – a neighbourhood spot

Maison Harlem, New York

Maison Harlem, New York

Most prized possession?

I’m not too attached to any one possession. This is totally lame but I’d probably just save my laptop in a fire because there’s so much information on it.

Favourite colour to use in an interior?

Whatever shades the client prefers! I do often get asked for recommendations on the perfect white and Pointing is one of them!

Paint or paper?


Tea or coffee?


Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere with a pristine beach within a four hour nonstop flight!

Cats or dogs?


Secret NYC hotspot?

While it’s not necessarily a hotspot, I’m obsessed with Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit!  It is the most delicious treat ever and is dairy free, gluten free and fat free made from just 3 ingredients – fruit, water and sugar. It’s the best!

The inside of Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit in New York

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit! Image credit: Manhattan Sideways

Top tip for designing your home?

Decorating is a process so don’t rush it. You’ll have to live with the pieces you buy for years so it’s important to take your time and buy things you really love rather than rushing to do it all at once and ending up with items that aren’t meaningful or special to you. At the end of the decorating process (and sometimes it’s never ending!) you should walk through your front door and love where you live.

Check out Nicole’s blog here and you can meet Nicole at an event happening at the Farrow & Ball showroom on Tuesday 17th June in 32 E. 22nd Street (Flatiron).

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