Keep It Cool: Scandi Inspired Schemes

One interior trend that has established itself as a firm favourite is anything that draws it’s aesthetics from a Scandinavian look and feel (we probably have IKEA to thank for that). Rooted in the natural world and inspired by sprawling landscapes, contemporary touches and quality materials, this trend has moulded itself to our modern lives, becoming a staple in the home.

Scandi 2 - Dominik Schroder

Image credit: Dominik Schroder

The key to a Scandi scheme is colour. Muted pastels where the colour is barely there are a solid place to start, then layer with cool blues and greys to create a wonderful colour combination and prevent the room from looking flat. Adding tactility with soft furnishings and rugs will keep the room interesting and acknowledge the different textures that appear in Scandi décor.


Wall painted in Pale Powder Estate Emulsion, chair painted in Oval Room Blue Full Gloss, both from Farrow & Ball

Wood features heavily in this type of scheme. Raw natural woods can be used for furniture or picture frames to highlight the organic origins of this trend, and can be paired with treated woods well. Painting a wooden floor in light colours will reflect light around the room to make it feel airy, and honestly, it just looks lovely.

4FP_43FP (858x1280)

Floor in Old White floor paint, stairs in Eating Room Red floor paint, both from Farrow & Ball


For a more contemporary take, feature mid-century furniture such as sideboards or cabinets, and dress these with metallic touches. Copper lamps or candlesticks complement the pale neutrals and add warmth and also tie back in to creating a homely atmosphere for the room.


Wall painted in Wevet and fireplace in Purbeck Stone, both from Farrow & Ball

As the heart of the home the kitchen is such an important space. Work in the Scandi scheme using colours on kitchen cabinets, and pair with a darker colour for the kitchen island to add some variety. Keep the natural theme running through by stacking chunky wooden chopping boards on the side, use wicker baskets to hold fruit and veg and don’t be afraid to display your saucepans where everyone can see them. I’m glad this look and feel has maintained its popularity and I’m sure it will continue to evolve and adapt to be considered for years to come.

Scandi 4 - Caleb George

Image credit: Caleb George

Scandi 3 - Iswanto Arif

Image credit: Iswanto Arif

Wevet estate emulsion, purbeck stone estate eggshell

Walls in Wevet, woodwork painted in Purbeck Stone, both from Farrow & Ball


Colours featured – Stiffkey Blue, Charlotte’s Locks, Dimity and Oxford Stone, all from Farrow & Ball

Scandi 1 - Ryan Pohanic

Image credit: Ryan Pohanic


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