See This: The Museum of Ice Cream

When you were a child, the idea of a room filled with an unlimited supply of ice cream and sweet treats would have always been a dream. Well, now that dream has become a reality!

In the US they have opened The Museum of Ice Cream, yes that’s correct, a museum purely dedicated to the frozen sweet delicacy! Hidden in the depths of Los Angeles, the bright pink building is hard to miss amongst the muted architecture of the city.

Image from Museum of Ice Cream

The immersive experience, which has been founded and directed by Maryellis Bunn, features a series of 10 confectionary-coloured rooms devoted to all things ice cream. Each room has something you can eat, touch or smell, not to mention the explosion of eye popping colour along the way.

Interactive highlights include a ‘Banana Spilt’ which is made of ten thousand hot pink bananas suspended from the ceiling, a ‘Mint Grow House’, where mint plants grow in chocolate soil, a ‘Melted Ice Lolly Jungle’, plus the iconic sprinkles pool where you can delve into one hundred million multicoloured sprinkles!

Image: Hello

Image: Forbes

The pop-up location was first launched back in 2016 in New York selling, and sold out in five days and attracted a waiting list of more than 20,000! Due to the demand they reopened in LA in April this year and have extended and extended (and extended!) their stay until October 2017. With such a phenomenal demand they will be opening their third pop-up in San Francisco in September. We’re off to book a ticket to this ice cream phenomenon…

For more information visit, and to see visitor snaps search #MOIC on Instagram!

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