Must-Buy 2017 Calendars

With a New Year comes new beginnings and best of all…a brand new calendar to help you organiser your year ahead! For us, picking a 2017 calendar is a big decision as this carefully selected item is going to be with you for the rest of the year. 365 whole days. 12 marvellous months. Days packed with memories and adventures. Every shop and website has a healthy selection for you to pick from, from Yoga Cats, 80’s trivia, TV shows and even The Queen, there’s a calendar for everyone. Here’s just a few of our favourites…

Dorset’s Dark Skies

Bridport-based photographer, Stephen Banks, captures Dorset by night. The clarity of the Dorset night sky allows for some stunning astrophotography photography that will have you willing the next month to begin just so you can see his next masterpiece. Buy the Dorset Dark Skies 2017 Calendar here.

Pretty Pots

Etsy is a daily favourite for The Chromologist team – it’s filled to the brim with creative and artisan products. This simple and modern design is the perfect calendar for botanical fans. Buy the Pretty Pots 2017 Calendar here.

London by Watercolour

London based artist, James Hollis specialises in expressive, loose and atmospheric watercolour paintings. Each month showcases a familiar London landmark in watercolour form, from St Pauls to The London Eye. Buy the London Watercolour Calendar here.



Soar & Inspire

This calendar is like Instagram in paper form – it’s filled with sensational photography, thought-provoking quotes and beautifully considered typography. Buy the Soar Calendar here.

City Illustrations

Another Etsy find, this time from London illustrator, Tessa Galloway. You can travel from Rome to Budapest and Venice to Singapore with the turn of a page. Buy the City Illustrations Calendar here.

Explore the Lost Ocean

Johanna Basford’s series of colouring books have taken the world by storm, and you can now enjoy some of her favourite Lost Ocean illustrations in calendar form. Waves of calm will greet colourists as they bring to life starfish and shoals of delicate fish. Buy the Lost Ocean Calendar here.

Header image: Dorset Scouser Photography Facebook

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