Take a Look at the ‘World’s Longest Slide’, Coming Soon to the Olympic Village, London

With the Rio Olympics just under a year away, we decided to take another look at the Olympic Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Park, to see how London’s glistening Olympic quarters are holding up, three years after their inaugural opening.

Today, the Olympic Stadium is in the final stages of being converted into a 54,000 world class sports arena which will be home to West Ham Football club, and a variety of track and field athletic events. However, it was another proposal which really got our hearts racing… with a brand new attraction proposed for the iconic viewing tower at The Arcelormittal Orbit.

The Orbit at Night. Image available here.

The Orbit at Night. Image available from Wikipedia.

Design firm Bblur Architecture have been busy at work devising several fun and quirky proposals to bring a new twist to what has become an iconic addition to London’s skyline. Their latest proposal has recently been approved by the Olympic Park planning authorities to help turn The Arcelormittal Orbit into the longest and tallest free-standing slide in the world. Why bother with lifts and stairs when you can slide your way to the ground?

Aritsts impressions of the Orbit Slide in action. Image captured by Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Artist’s impression of the Orbit Slide in action. Image available from  Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

An Artists Impression of the Slide in Action. Photo from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

An artist’s impression of the slide in action. Image available from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

A modern take on travel, and an innovative take on the traditional elevator and stairway, the soon-to-be longest slide in the world will also act as a new way to travel between different levels within the sculpture. The journey’s estimated will time up to 40 seconds from top to bottom, whilst reaching speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.


A traditional Helter Skelter – Image available from Flickr


The Carousel, in which the steel tube will encase the slides. Image via The Guardian

The Carousel, in which the steel tube will encase the slide. Image available from The Guardian

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