Six Nature Inspired Colour Palettes for Your Home

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources when thinking about colour palettes. It can be a magazine article, something in a shop or the holy grail of interior inspiration – Pinterest. Sometimes a single image can be used as foundation for décor. It give s clear view of how the colours work together, without having to create a mood board, and can even give a steer on texture and adding tactility to the home. Here’s six images and the nature inspired colour palettes that could be used to recreate them:

A Sun Ripened Orange Tree

Palette 1 Brian Jimenes

Image credit: Brian Jimenes

Image 1 palette - sky and tree

Left to right: Blue Ground, Parma Gray, Calke Green, Charlotte’s Locks and Babouche, all from Farrow & Ball


A scheme to instantly refresh the space you’re looking to decorate. The lively blue of the sky acts as the perfect backdrop to a fresh green and citrusy yellows and oranges. Instead of looking like they are competing for attention, each of these hues perfectly complements the others, working in harmony for an energising colour palette.



Palette 2 Todd Quackenbush

Image credit: Todd Quackenbush

Image 2 - shore line

Left to right: Hague Blue, Plummett, Skylight, Black Blue and Ammonite, all from Farrow & Ball


A sultry and enigmatic colour palette can be found here. The atmospheric mist looks wonderful against the dullness of the sky, and is perfectly offset by the murky water lapping at the shore and intimidating darkness of the hills around the cove. The different blue and grey hues work in harmony to achieve an otherworldly quality combined with an eerie stillness.


A Mist Drenched Sunrise

Palette 3 Sonja Langford

Image credit: Sonja Langford

Image 3 - field

Left to right: Calluna, Brassica, Brinjal, Skimming Stone and Dead Salmon, all from Farrow & Ball


This field scene has perfectly captured the range of colours that appear at twilight. The dusky purples have mixed with lighter lilacs in the sky, bathing the field below dreamy hues. The mist adds a grey almost suede in appearance and details can be picked out with the shadowed silhouettes of the trees and long grasses in the field.


Glistening Blues

Palette 4 Davide Ragusa

Image credit: Davide Ragusa

Picture 4 - Seagul

Left to right: Dix Blue, Blazer, Pale Powder, Drawing Room Blue and Dimpse, all from Farrow & Ball


The glistening blues and touches of colour in this image lend themselves perfectly to a children’s room or nursery. The flash of sun on the water illuminates each of the lighter colours, ensuring that the darker details, and colour pop of orange-red, punctuate the intensely blue tones perfectly. These colours would work well in a room that was filled with light, providing a true radiance to each of the hues.


Feline Shape and Colour

Palette 5 Ryan McGuire

Image credit: Ryan McGuire

Image 5 - Cats nose

Left to right: Cornforth White, Mole’s Breath, Setting Plaster, London Clay and Smoked Trout, all from Farrow & Ball


This image appears so delicate, but when each of the colours are used in the right way they can work together to create a strong neutral space. The greys and browns have a slight pink tone to them, complementing the peachy hue of the cat’s nose. Darker colours can be used in small quantities to ground the room and prevent it from becoming too light, adding an effortless elegance when used within the home.


Wild Botanics

Palette 6 Eric Waider

Image credit: Eric Waider

Image 6 - ferns

Left to right: Card Room Green, Calke Green, Green Ground, Studio Green and Cooking Apple Green, all from Farrow & Ball


Botanicals have definitely cemented themselves as an interior scheme go-to for 2015. At the moment we can’t get enough of captivating green hues, broad leaf patterns, delicate ferns and even insect details. As green is such as versatile colour it can be used around the home to satisfy a number of desired emotions. Use it in the bathroom in the form of light mints to achieve a sense of freshness, or in darker, earthier tones, paired with mahogany, for a dramatic dining room scene.


The Chromologist


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