Stormy Styles: An Indoor Thunderstorm

I love nothing more than a storm with raging thunder and flashes of lightening brightening up a dark sky. So, I was in my element when last week raging thunder storms swept across the UK!

However, if like me, you are always a little disappointed that they never seem to last long enough, you could always try bringing a little of the storm into your own home with this quirky little interactive light by designer, Richard Clarkson

‘Cloud’ by Richard Clarkson for $3,360

The aptly named, ‘Cloud’, is a funky lamp that not only looks like a real life thunder cloud, but also doubles up as speaker system to mimic the sounds of a stormy night. The sound system also allows you to stream music and will flash in time to the beat – a sure way to impress guests!
[vimeo 86711365 w=850 h=478]

Cloud from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

However, you’ll need a suitable moody interior to house your mini thunderstorm!

Using a dark blue will help to create a natural atmosphere which is fashionably dramatic while at the same time remaining relaxed. If you have a small box bedroom or snug area, painting the walls and ceilings in a deep blue tone will transform a small boring room into a intimate space that conjure images of raging waves lashing against cliff tops.

Cocoon yourself inside by painting the walls, ceiling and woodwork of a small room in moody blue tones.

Alternatively, you could try using a dark grey colour on your walls will also help to create a truly stormy interior.

A deep charcoal grey will help to create a thunderous space to relax in.

Grey has always been a popular colour as you can accessorie with virtually any colour – why not try adding a few splashes of bright yellow into the mix like this cheerful cushion from Redbubble?

Yellow Porcelain from Redbubble £14.00










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