Survival Guide: Milan Design Week 2017

As seasoned visitors of London Design Festival and Paris Design Week, we’re all too aware that exploring and absorbing all of the beautiful sights in just a day or two can be a little tricky. So with Milan Design Week (4th – 9th April) just around the corner, we thought we’d share our essential survival tips to help you become an accomplished Salone pro…

Milan Design Week

One of our favourite colour packed installations at last year’s Milan Design Week (Image: Dezeen)

Before you go…

1. Think footwear

Comfort is key here and trainers are vital as you’ll be clocking up the steps.

2. Pick your must-sees

It’s impossible to make every event and show. It’s worth accepting that you won’t be able to see EVERYTHING, so instead try listing your must-sees to help you really enjoy the show at a relaxed pace.

3. Channel your inner Boy Scout

With your list of must-sees in hand, it’s time to get organised. Pre-register in advance where possible, and then hone those orienteering skills to plan what you’ll see and when. This will help you maximise your time and see as much as the opening hours will allow!

Our 2017 must-see: COS x Studio Swine multi-sensory installation.

Once you’re there…

1. Avoid queues at the Metro

Pros buy a two-day Metro pass to avoid the queues at the ticket machine! This option is hidden in the ‘Urban Tickets’ section when you select English as your language choice and costs 8.25 € for 48 hours of unlimited use.

2. Snap, don’t grab!

Try not to get bogged down with literature. A true pro will take photos, not brochures. Trust us, your back will thank you if you can avoid being laden down with paperwork!

3. Pack supplies

Pack plenty of snacks and say yes to wine, beer and soft drinks whenever they’re offered. If your feet start to hurt it’s time to take a break.


If you’re lucky enough to visit, we hope you have a wonderful time!


Milan Design Week runs from 4th – 9th April 2017. Visit the Salone Milano website for more details.

Banner image: kråkvik & d’orazio / photo by siren lauvdal for Design Applause

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