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High Contrast Palettes For The Home

There is something so soothing about using similar hues, with gentle transitions from colour to colour to create serenity and peace. However, sometimes you need to just buck the norm to achieve some contrast – to mix clashing colours and create a visual stir. Being bold with colour can be tricky, but it will certainly… read more


Colour Palettes: Bright Lights in the Big City

Recently we took a look at nature inspired colour schemes for your home – exploring how blues can be picked from scenes such as stormy skies or misty lakes to create an atmospheric look and feel. But it’s not just nature that we can draw inspiration from – our man made surroundings can lend themselves… read more


Six Nature Inspired Colour Palettes for Your Home

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources when thinking about colour palettes. It can be a magazine article, something in a shop or the holy grail of interior inspiration – Pinterest. Sometimes a single image can be used as foundation for décor. It give s clear view of how the colours work together, without… read more


Captured: Anastasia Durasova’s Colour Coded Make-Up Kit

New Zealand born photographer Henry Hargreaves spent four years as a high fashion model before he rethought his position at the camera. He shoots whatever takes his fancy, still dipping into the fashion world and also often turning his focus to food. But it’s how he captured the contents of make-up and body artist Anastasia Durasova’s colour-coded kit that… read more

The Chromologist 2019 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist