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The Grey Area between Monochrome

The contrast of black and white has been explored time and time again for its ease and versatility. A predominantly black room has a certain drama, while a white room with some black accents has a clean, minimalist look and feel. This time however, will take a look at the combination of these two and… read more

Pretty Pavilion Blue Bedroom

In Praise of Pastels

A new direction with pastels Over recent seasons decorating trends have been dominated by bold colours and colour blocking, but there has been an underlying shift towards a more restful palette of pastel shades.  Cleansing and hydrating pastels offer a welcome break from this more luminescent look. Inspired by the seamless wash of colour in… read more

BLue Bedroom

An Entirely Opulent Bedroom

Sumptuous Sleeping Black, grey and monochrome aren’t necessarily words that spring to mind when thinking about decorating a girl’s bedroom. But, using these colours and combinations can create some of the most stunning, luxurious and feminine of boudoirs. Grey, although often thought of as cold and architectural looking, is a beautiful backdrop to a fluffy… read more

The Chromologist 2019 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist