Top 5 places to celebrate the Holi Festival of Colour

Holi, the ancient Hindu festival of colour, has long filled the streets of India and Nepal with plumes of turmeric, indigo, crimson and green pigment. Celebrating the end of winter and arrival of spring, this colourful carnival has recently hopped over to Europe and North America with many joining in the vibrant festivities. Handfuls of bright powders are launched, water balloons filled with bold hues are thrown and colourful waters are sprinkled over the dancing crowd. We’ve rounded up five of the best places to cheer ‘Holi Hi!’ across the world.

1. Delhi

Holi in India (Architecture and Design)

Holi is celebrated throughout India, but the traditional ritual of singing, dancing and throwing colour is particularly spectacular in the streets of Delhi. From the 12th of March, bonfires are lit, fistfuls of colour are thrown and street food is served on almost every corner.

2. London

Holi in London (Image: Travellanda)

On the 29th of July, the Festival of Colours will be lighting up London’s Wembley Park. Pop on white clothes and celebrate each hour with plumes of bright pigment. But don’t worry, these rich powders are kind to the skin and wash out of clothes.

3. Barcelona

Holi in Barcelona (Image: Campus)

Spains tomato throwing festival, La Tomatina, isn’t the only brightly coloured festival to make a splash in the Mediterranean. Hit the streets of Barcelona to enjoy the annual Holi festivities here too.

4. New York

Holi in New York  (Image: Festival of Colours)

New Yorkers welcome in the spring throughout March, April and May with vibrant parades which often draw large, brightly coloured crowds. Revellers of all ages are invited to join the explosion of colour alongside Bollywood actors, dance performances and music concerts.

5. Nepal

Holi in Nepal (Image: Global Citizen)

Nepal is home to one of the most dazzling celebrations of all. Holi ceremonies last for a full week in which people across the country enjoy sweets and drenching one another in brightly coloured water as a token of their love.

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