Trend Spot: Milan Design Week 2017

Last month we were lucky enough to visit Milan, wander around the industrial lofts, historical palazzi’s, ateliers, garages, galleries and concept stores to find and enjoy the delights of Milan Design Week 2017. Here are our trend picks and what we think we’ll be seeing more of in 2017 and well into 2018…


Whether for work, necessity or personal discovery, there is an undeniable increase in our desire to travel. The Nomade exhibit by Base Milano explores this yearning and offered some intriguing ideas focused on contemporary nomadic living. From simple solar ovens, to floating house’s and timber homes on wheels, there was plenty to aide our wanderlust.

(Image: Domus)


The Mini Living – Breathe’exhibition looked at how we can better use limited resources in urban areas, with food being the hot topic. In ‘The Art of Good Food’ installation, dehydrated fruit became colourful and delectable ‘Sun Leather,’ while mushrooms were shown to be cleaners of the environment that eat away harmful plastics and pollutants – so much more than just fungi!

The Future

The Mini Living – Breathe installation focused on the future of our living spaces, as we face an ever shrinking footprint of city homes. The installation, an air-filtering three storey home with a mesh exterior and roof garden, not only demonstrated a quirky space-saving solution but also allowed visitors to live in close contact with the natural environment around them.

(Image: Dezeen)

(Image: Dezeen)

A New Nature

Inspired by Murano chandeliers and Italy’s public fountains, Studio Swine’s multi-sensory collaboration with fashion retailer COS entitled ‘New Spring,’ was fashioned using recycled aluminium tubes to represent a traditional Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree. Translucent bubbles emerged from the aluminium ‘branches,’ bursting when they came into contact with skin to release an ethereal pale mist.

(Image: Dezeen)

Immersive Video

A rare but welcome moment of quiet could be found away from the bustling, temperate Tortona streets, in the exhibition Jardins D’Ete by Quayola, part of the IQOS pathfinder project. Visitors were invited to watch the motion of plants and flowers in the breeze and be transfixed as they transformed from reality to impressionism through their movement.

(Image: Quayola)

The Chromologist


The Chromologist is a colour whisperer. He understands and knows them better than they know themselves, translating their pleas to be used beautifully for humankind. It's unknown from whence he came. Some say the fraction of space between a prism and a spectrum, others say he toiled in the fabled colour mines of Svalbard for years untold, deep underground, speaking only to the reds and blues, cerises and aquas, bronze and golds...

The Chromologist 2019 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist