Video: 9 Tips When Shopping For Pre-Loved Furniture

I’m often to be found rummaging through antiques at markets, in shops and at auctions. I like looking at the detailing, the shape, the choice of material and then wondering about who made it, if  I am particularly taken and can mentally sand, paint and cram the piece into my apartment I’ll start negotiation.

Many of my friends ask how I seem to find so many interesting things to paint and often ask for tips, so I went straight to the source to find out!

A video on how to find second hand furniture:

9 Top Tips For Finding Furniture

Particularly at markets, like Sunbury Antiques at  Kempton Race Course;

    1. The early bird catches the best pieces of furniture so arrive early!
    2. Build relationships with the stall holders, they’ll often be able to source you items if you’re looking for something particular.
    3. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, it is a market!
    4. Make sure you have adequate transport for the size of item you might buy, or use the on site shipping services.

For local shops like The Crooked Book in Boscombe;

    1. Look for pieces that will be improved by painting, those with water damage or previous poor paint work for example
    2. To find the best pieces visit your favourite shops regularly as stock will be changing daily.

At auctions, like Bulstrodes in Christchurch;

    1. Visit on view days to get a better idea of what is available.
    2. Inspect the items for damage before bidding.
    3. To avoid disappointment attend the auction so you can up your bid if necessary.

Videographer: Robin Kitchin

Charlie Cosby


Charlotte Cosby has 8 years experience working in the interiors industry and is currently Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball where she experiments with colour on a daily basis. Inspired by the unusual, her love of design and extreme curiosity for both form and substance take her all over the world.

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