Video: Journey to The Stars – The 12 Selfridges Christmas Windows

Every year, the Selfridges creative team grace our Christmas shopping on Oxford Street with their extravagant Christmas shop windows display. This year their Christmas window display takes us on a journey out of this world, with its astrological twist which was inspired by the 12 zodiac signs. Among the highlights are the extensive use of colourful neon lights, tonnes (literally) of glitter used to decorate the sets, and our personal favourite. a set of colour changing feathers in the Sagittarius Christmas window which respond to their environment. They are actually a range of clothing and accessories which feature this same technology produced by The Unseen, and available in Selfridges.

What does this have to do with Christmas? At first you may think “not that much” but the link is definitely there. The starlight setting has an eerie “Oh Silent Night” feel to it, which is further complemented by the wintry setting. The colours we all associate with Christmas seem to feature in some way or form; from gold to green. The mannequins are elegantly dressed up in sparkly attire, and we feel that all characters are inspired by Christmas Characters we are all accustomed to from Ebinizer Scrooge, to Snow Queens and angels. The beauty of the display is that it offers an artistic re imagination of what a Christmas window should be, by still being relevant to the time of year.

The Christmas windows form a part of a wider campaign by Selfridges tailoring the shopping experience by zodiac sign for shoppers. Scroll down to the bottom to watch a video of how the Selfridges Christmas windows came to be a reality.











All images and video available on The Selfridges website

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