Wonderful indoor gardening ideas from the folk at geo-fleur

From the founder of botanical styling company geo-fleur, Sophie Lee comes Living with Plants: A Guide to Indoor GardeningComplete with rose gold foiling on the cover, clever how-tos and page upon page of leafy greens – what’s not to love?

We’ve gathered three of our favourite ideas to help turn your home into a veritable jungle: no green thumb required.


If you’re short on shelf or floor space, try hanging plants from picture rails, window frames and sturdy hooks. Create a real feature by suspending your pots from strips of old leather, woven lengths of twine and metallic wire while choosing trailing plants such as ferns which will cascade beautifully as they grow.


Geometric glass containers, apothecary jars and fishbowls all make beautiful open terrariums. Plant a miniature garden of desert plants like cacti or succulents, remembering to treat your terrarium to bright light and a weekly misting. Reach for the kitchen tongs when re-potting each cactus to avoid any prickles too!


Source vintage tins online or give your own store cupboard stock a good wash out before filling with compost. Pick up a selection of herbs – basil, rosemary and thyme all work really well here – and gently remove the majority of the soil. Rehome your herbs in the tins and carefully top with more compost. To help keep yours happy, make sure the topsoil stays moist and lightly mist with water if they become dry.

Feeling inspired? You can order your copy of Living with Plants: A Guide to Indoor Gardening here, and discover more about geo-fleur by visiting their website.

Images: Leonie Freeman

Joanna Spindler


After studying classics and archaeology at the University of Exeter, Joanna quickly fell for the interiors world and has been writing about homes ever since. She recently swapped her London flat for a little cottage in the Dorset countryside. At the weekend, you’ll find Joanna eating her way around the local foodie spots or trying not to fall over during yoga.

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